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Trauma Touch Therapy

What is Trauma?  Trauma is anything a person perceives to be life threatening.


Traumatic circumstances include, but are not limited to:

sexual abuse, physical abuse, witnessing violence or abuse, surgery, holocaust or war, automobile accidents, physical injury.


Signs that Trauma Touch TherapyTM may be for you - 

you have feelings of being disconnected, collapsed, fragmented, invisible, frozen, guarded, empty, numb, without a voice. 

How Does Trauma Touch TherapyTM Work 

You and the trauma touch therapist work together to identify, track and resolve negative body/mind patterns that are a result of trauma.  In learning this body/mind awareness, you will often experience feeling grounded, balanced, empowered, confident, connected, whole, centered, real, ALIVE!



Many clients express that Trauma Touch Therapy has been the missing piece in their healing process.

"The trauma touch sessions helped me to feel relieved and relaxed. I'm more comforted and confident and slowly learning how to be with certain areas of my body." KL


"Trauma touch helped me to identify and address the cause of my leg pain. Afterwards, my leg muscles felt open and less painful." LS


"I felt frozen within my body, including my voice, and just couldn't cry about my son's recent suicide. My psychotherapist referred me to Debbie for Trauma Touch Therapy. The therapy helped me to tap into my body, without fear, and during the first session I was finally able to let go and cry." Anonymous


Getting Started

The client must agree to either be in a therapeutic relationship with a licensed counselor or be willing to return to counseling if the need arises. The client typically agrees to 10 weekly sessions. Sessions are typically 30-60 minutes and range in price starting at $45 and can be combined with the pain elimination technique (PNT) and/or massage. Complimentary 30 minute session to determine if this is right for you.




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