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Pain Elimination (PNT) Including Testimonials




* Non-invasive (not painful)

* Often permanent pain relief

* Session can be combined with massage

* Chronic and acute pain may require (2) 20 minute sessions twice a week for 4-6 weeks.  Testimonials below.

* Developed by Stephen Kaufman, chiropractor and acupuncturist. (click here for a detailed description of the technique).


Typically effective with the following conditions:

Chronic and acute pain, post-surgery, Migraines/headaches, Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, TMJ, Sciatica, Muscle overuse, Stiffness, Range of Motion.  It can sometimes help with insomnia, fibromyalgia, vertigo/tinnitus and heartburn.



"I'd been having headaches on a weekly basis since 2009 after a bad fall. I have not had a headache since the first treatment from Debbie. Amazing technique" Sue Herrera (10-21-13. Lakewood, CO)

"I saw Debbie to help reduce severe neck muscle tightness causing consistent headaches. After 2 sessions over a 10 day span - no pain and muscle tone is back to normal." Ken LeCrone (11/2/13, Aurora, CO)

"I have been experiencing pain on the inside of my right knee. Debbie used pain elimination to find the trigger points. This relieved the pain almost 90%. Since then I have had another treatment to further reduce the pain. This is such a great technique because it's not invasive. It takes very little time to get major relief!" Trudy Swain (10/23/13, Lakewood, CO)

"I had ankle surgery about a year ago after being bucked off my horse. I'd been experiencing daily pain even after surgery.  After 2 sessions with Debbie my ankle is 100%. Pretty amazing!" Becky Braun (10/23/13, Strasburg, CO)

"My hamstrings have always been tight. In the morning and evening I experienced pain behind the knees. After this technique my hamstrings feel looser and the pain is gone." Mike Yenter (10/30/13, Lakewood, CO)

"I'd had a migraine for months when I arrived in Debbie's office and my face just hurt terribly (from the migraine, I think). After one treatment my migraine was 50% better and then 100% better when I woke up the next morning." Denise Elson (11/13/13, Castle Rock, CO)

"Although I am an older lady (71), I do not like feeling like an old lady. I had pain in my hip and leg for over three weeks and Debbie's treatment helped me get rid of the pain." Margaret Pike, 10/30/13, Highlands Ranch, CO)

"After injuring my rotator cuff, six weeks later, I still couldn't bench press more than 50 pounds. Debbie performed the technique on my shoulder which relieved the sensitivity in the affected area. Two days later I was able to bench press over twice as much weight as before with no pain at all." Mike Yenter (10/21/13, Lakewood, CO)

"When Debbie first did pain elimination, my right upper arm was in a knot. I could barely lift it above my shoulder. My left upper arm was in a similiar condition. After the first session, my pain and mobility were greatly improved. I had more range of motion with almost no pain." Trudy Swain (10/30/13 Lakewood, CO)

"I have had neck/shoulder pain for a number of years. The technique Debbie used resulted in immediate release of the tight pain." Lynn Cochran (10/29/13, Parker, CO)

"I've had right-handed nervyness for many years. It was nervy mostly at night when I would sleep on my right side. I felt great when I left Debbie's office, but still had some nervyness down my arm when I slept the first night. Within a couple days it was totally gone." Jane Stoek (11/19/13, Greenwood Village, CO)

"I can finally sleep at night because I have less pain in my feet.  I know I'm improving because the pain used to be from the ankle down and now we're just having to work on the toes." Denise Elson (Nov 2013, Castle Rock, CO)

"Debbie worked on my sciatica pain after the cortisone shot, for pain, wore off in 2 days. It's been over a week now and I haven't had sciatica pain since my first treatment. I went shopping with my family the other day. I usually sit in the car and wait because I'm in so much pain. It had been 7 years since the last time I went shopping PAIN FREE." Denise Elson (Nov 2013, Castle Rock, CO)  

"I had numbness in my quad muscle due to exercise/overuse. I noticed a significant difference after one treatment-pain/numbness went away." Amber Huntsman (Jan 2014, Parker, CO) 

"I have suffered with disabling back pain since I broke my back in Feb 2010. I have had conventional therapy,without results,  twice before beginning my therapy with Debbie. After about 3 sessions,I started to have some relief which has increased with each visit. At this time I am now able to stand erect and with much less pain." Bill Young (Jan 2014, Aurora, CO)

"I have experienced soreness to my quads, including the IT band, since February 2012. I had no relief from a variety of physical therapy tools.  I tolerated the pain by cutting back on my cycling. Debbie's new technique would remove the soreness in my quads and IT band,but then would return after cycling again. Debbie decided to show me how to do the technique on myself and now I can relieve the discomfort on my own." Dan Moen (January 2014, Denver, CO)

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